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The owners of Waikato Chem Dry also own their neighbouring franchise Gold Valley Chem Dry and have for over 30 years. So when they say they cover the entire Waikato/Thames Valley/Matamata Piako region THEY DO! Also both of their areas have locally employed staff living in that committee, so they are also locally owned and operated.

Waikato Chem Dry service’s the entire Waikato region, we also have a local branch in the Thames Coromandel area that is Gold Valley Chem Dry which can be contacted on Thames 07 868 1300 Morrinsville 07 889 5467 Matamata on 07 888 4092. Out side those areas the contact is as below 0800 399 599

Finding the best professional cleaning services Waikato has to offer can be difficult with so many options available. The revolutionary Chem-Dry® methods are sure to leave you satisfied. Waikato Chem-Dry can offer you these services to give you a cleaner, drier, and healthier cleaning experience. A happy, healthy and comfortable home is just a call or click away!

Hot Carbonating Extraction

The Hot Carbonating Extraction process that we use relies on the power of carbonation to deeply clean your home. The effervescent bubbles will delve deep within the material to unlock trapped grime and lift it to the surface for easy removal. This process makes it possible to get a deep cleaning with a fraction of the water that most steam cleaners require. Mould and mildew development is greatly decreased and the health of your home will be improved rather than compromised. Using gallons of soapy water will not only take days to dry, but it will leave behind a dirt attracting residue to quickly dirty your carpets after the cleaning. Not only this, but our main cleaning solution is non-toxic and entirely safe. You can trust us to leave you with a safe and professional cleaning, safe for your family and pets!


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